Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Philanthropy enables RESCUEMISSION  to build extensive associations with individuals, trusts and foundations, and companies that have social value to provide significant funding to help us improve the livelihood of disadvantaged communities around the world. Individual philanthropist, bespoke trust and foundation partners make a lasting impact to address poverty and inequality.

RESCUEMISSION Philanthropy Team are at hand to explain to you how you can make contributions to support the course we pursue so we can go on this journey together. Our Team will invite you to philanthropic events that have been organised within you country and the area where you live. They will offer you the chance to visit our work; and give you insight into global events and emergencies and produce reports how your work is changing lives.


Interestingly, many organisations, corporations, trusts, foundations and individuals are finding it easier to work with RESCUEMISSION  because our Philanthropic Team provides all the information needed on how to work with us. Because we support comprehensive range of charitable activities, it is easier to find the causes that you and/or your institutions want to support.  Your support will go a long way to improve many lives because we work directly with targeted communities to undertake and implement projects that will help end poverty, ill-health, illiteracy or damning cultural practices and improve the livelihood of communities.

Working together with you and your institutions, we can ensure that your support – gifts and donations – achieve the maximum impact and generates sustainable change for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable women and girls. Indeed, connecting with RESCUEMISSION  means you can change many lives, for good.



RESCUEMISSION Philanthropy Team develop partnerships with UK-based and other donors worldwide to support their philanthropic journey and allocate funding to our programmes in the UK and globally. We seek to build long-term partnerships with donors of all sizes – from individual partners and large national foundations and trusts who provide invaluable funding to support the poorest families to build a sustainable future.  


Please contact our Philanthropy Team about partnering with RESCUEMISSION by contacting us on 0203 643 5295 or email: philanthropyteam@rescuemission.co.uk

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