Job Opportunities


RESCUEMISSION are working in more than 100 countries to create sustainable jobs for girls and women so that they become independent. We’re helping to empower women and girls by supporting them with vocational and business education and skills development as well as traineeship programmes. To prevent drop outs from the vocational and business training programmes, the girls are given financial support to take care of their meals and daily living meals.

RESCUEMISSION are promoting the economic rights of women and girls by empowering them to have access to decent work, have equal pay, access to inheritance, to land and adequate housing. Women living in poverty are often denied access their rights and discriminated, mainly because of their gender face even greater barriers to exercising their economic rights. The vocational and business opportunities ensure women make significant progress towards self-sufficiency is reached.

The job training and business opportunities are helping 1000s of girls to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and lack that entraps girls and women who are unskilled and live in abject poverty. These girls and many other women are receiving the necessary support to help them become skilled, well-educated and gainfully employed and self-sufficient women who are emancipated from slavery and abuse. The girls who have job opportunities are emancipating themselves from child marriage. They are marrying later and having healthier children who are likely to become even more educated and continually nourished.

RESCUEMISSION are supporting 1000s of girls to be more productive at home by ensuring that they better paid in the workplace or have a successful business and trade. These girls are taking key roles in their families, communities and nation and making significant economic, social and political contributions by supporting other girls and women to become self-sufficient.


RESCUEMISSION have implemented several projects with the view of creating jobs and employment for girls and women in the world’s poorest communities to empower them to defend themselves from abuse, aggression and violence. The job creation and workforce development programmes include:

School Tuition Sponsorship Programme

This programme offers sponsorship to pay school fees for girl from poor backgrounds. This programme is complemented by our Girls’ Empowerment Programme, which is an after-school session for girls in primary and secondary schools in an attempt to tackle the inequality in access to education between boys and girls.

Girls’ Club

RESCUEMISSION have implemented Girls’ Clubs in more than 200 communities in the world’s poorest countries in response to high rates of girls’ school dropout. We have developed comprehensive vocational and personal development curriculum to educate girls who have dropout out of school at the weekly Girls’ Club. The selected girls are taught about womanhood and are equipped with basic literacy and numeracy skills together with employability skills such as sewing, trading, computer skills for designs of leaflets, developing of websites and many more. Girls Club provides a safe space for many girls who have learnt about life skills development, and improve their educational attainment and social development.

Vocational Training

RESCUEMISSION are providing job-related vocational training for more than 4000 girls in order to provide them with the skills necessary to find a job or to start their own businesses. The sessions are facilitated by female Girls Empowerment staff members. The vocational education programme encompass a range of skills training including sewing/tailoring, soap making cosmetology, tie dying and baking. In addition, the girls are taught about self-esteem, leadership, goal-setting, study techniques, and healthy relationships.

We link girls graduating who graduated from the vocation programmes with businesses so they have employment and contribute to the labour market. We support several 1000s of girls to set up their own jobs. They are taught entrepreneurship skills. We are working with over 500 new communities to actively support the vocational training for girls. We are influencing national policies on girls’ education.

Mentorship and Coaching Groups

RESCUEMISSION are providing job-related vocational training for more than 4000 girls in order to provide them with the skhave implemented mentoring and coaching initiative aimed at providing one-to-one or small group support to girls who are still in school as a well as for those who have dropped out with guidance on future aspirations. The sessions are led by trained female coaches/ leaders from the community. The coaches lead discussion on topics such as envision, career aspirations, goal-setting and developing healthy personal, social and emotional relationships.

The mentoring and coaching present girls and young women with positive role models which builds the confidence of the girls to focus on their education and achieve her goals. The mentoring and coaching have encouraged more than 5000 girls to decide against early marriage and many have continued with further education.


Income-Generating Activity

RESCUEMISSION recognize the need to empower girls through income generating activity by supporting the girls with microfinance facilities. The income generating activities support girls who are in cooperatives with funds to undertake business activities such as trading, family, palm oil production, soap marking, poultry and any viable ventures. We offer trainings on business startups, record keeping, budgeting and business management which enables the girls to manage their business effectively. The income generation activity is a sustainable way of help more than 5000 girls to earn money to support themselves while they finish their education and sets them up for continued economic independence.

Computer Skills Training

RESCUEMISSION have provided 6000 computers to more than 300 communities in developing countries – Ghana, Malawi, Sri Lanka to give more than 20000 girls the opportunity to become computer proficient. Computer training includes the basics of computers skills including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet access and MS Access. The girls are trained in the use of internet to support online business development including selling their products online, providing them with knowledge and essential life skills that they need to succeed as women. These women who are healthy and well-educated and emancipated women, these women, in turn, rear healthy, well educated and emancipated children.


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