How we raise funds


Each day, we’re helping more communities to develop capacity to become self-dependent and helping more children to survive and more girls to have opportunities for the future. This is only possible because of fundraising activities by our incredible sponsors and supporters. It will be a great fun for you to organise your fundraising for RESCUEMISSION and bring people together to end poverty. Register for one of our events or set up your own.


You can use emails, social media and a chat over tea or coffee to raise funds

You can team up with the local press and media to increase your donations

You can meet friends at local party, shops and park to raise funds

Join up to implement inspirations and ideas to achieve fundraising targets.

Your support is invaluable. Send us the money you have raised in a secure way

You can learn about the A-Z of fundraising to gain support for your sponsorship

We support people every day with their fundraising, and we are always on hand to help. Call us on 02037715653 or email us for any support you need.

Other Important Matters