Fundraising Events

Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


RESCUEMISSION commends your continual support and the various fundraising activities organised to support our work. However, for fundraising events to be successful, it is essential to follow specific guidelines. Due to the various regulations that govern the work of charities, it is important that all fundraising activities intending to support our work are organised in line with these regulations.

Fundraising activities can be a daunting task sometimes, and that’s why we want to provide various tips, guides, and inspiration to help you raise the most you can and help us to continue to support and transform lives. The guide helps to adopt all possible means to seek out donors who can financially contribute to the success of a fundraising project you are working on.

Plan Ahead

To successful organise a fundraising event, it is important to plan ahead. This means you must determine the goals and the reasons why you want to organise the fundraising and how you are going to do that. More importantly, you should determine the cause you want to support, for example supporting educational development, raising awareness for a health-related cause or getting donations for your next project. You may need a team to help brainstorm and identify these goals, and decide on the target audience and the actual event. It is also important to understand the right locations, venue, the target people and how many of them will be attending.

The planning will help you to know the demographics to target your fundraising activities, for example focusing on the private sector or seeking financial help with support from a celebrity.

Purpose of Fundraising Event

There is the tendency that other purposes such as gaining publicity or reach out to a new network may overshadow the real purpose for raising funds towards charitable courses. There is nothing wrong for fundraising events to have more than one goal. However, it is important to ensure that the other purposes do not overshadow the real purpose of raising funds for charitable purposes.

Purpose of Fundraising Event

All fundraising event should have a goal or target to achieve in terms of the amount of money to be raised. It is important for have in place an event host committee, organization staff, and key fundraisers to decide what amount of money you plan to raise at the event.

Purpose of Fundraising Event

It is important to organise properly the fundraising days, weeks or months when the fundraising events will take place.

Selecting the right venue

  • Have you chosen a physical or virtual venue?
  • Is it easy for attendees to find the venue?
  • Is the venue large enough to accommodate the people?
  • Does the physical venue have parking?
  • Is there the right licences for the event?
  • Is there, the correct equipment and resources to support the event?
  • Should there be staff – ushers/cleaners/security?

Marketing the Event

  • Have you sent out your invitations ahead of the event. It’s important to send out invitations way ahead of time!
  • Have you adopted various communication channels to promote the event well in advance? You may consider advertising the event through social media, local media and businesses, colleagues, friends and family?
  • Have you considered ways of attracting the interest of people through fun activities such as music, dancing etc while at the same time focusing on the main activity of the day?
  • You could use the RESCUEMISSION  fundraising literature such as standing boards, posters, flyers and balloons to decorate your venue to attract interest from the public.
  • Have you prepared a script to help you inform attendees of the good cause they will be supporting?

Increasing the amount you raise

  • Have you thought about selling tickets in advance!
  • Have you confirmed how many people will be attending the event?
  • Do you have a target amount you want to raise at the event?
  • Have you communicated the target amount to the people who attend?
  • Have you promoted the tickets to a wider audience – workplace, donor organisations, families, friends, colleagues?
  • Have you thought about informing the venue holders about the charity event and found out how they might make a donation, or offer venue hire for free?
  • Have you organised for snacks – drinks and food for the attendees?
  • Do you have a way of knowing the number of people who have attended the event? This is important to help prevent having more people than expected.

How to Pay in funds raised 

  • It’s important to pay in any funds raised as soon as possible. please visit our page on how to pay in your funds page. 
  • Please note that fundraising events are not entitled to to Gift Aid on the money raised

Saying Thanking You

  • It’s important to say thank to everyone who was involved in the event including contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors. Keep your friends and donors happy… you might probably asking them for another donation sometime in the future.
  • Make sure to inform RESCUEMISSION  to send thank-you notes to everyone who was involved in your event

For more information about the different events you could organise to raise funds for us, visit our fundraising ideas page.

Other Practical Support

RESCUEMISSION are interested in working with a range of different partners who can help us to fight poverty, trafficking/slavery and diseases around the world. We seek key partners to sponsor individual children, families, communities and schools and hospitals.

We rely on our generous supporters to fund our global work. Your philanthropy isn’t just crucial for protecting the natural environment, but also for helping support the communities that share them, often in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Fundraising Resources

From sponsorship forms to bunting for your bake sale- download everything you need to make your efforts a success

Making a fundraising Plan

Get help to put a plan in place now to make fundraising simple and rewarding

Paying in funds

You can pay in funds online, by post or over the phone