Food and Nutrition

Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Nutrition is vital to human well-being. However, the prevalence of malnutrition worldwide especially in developing countries is staggering. Overwhelming number of people around the world are afflicted by undernutrition, micronutrient deficiency, and overweight or obesity. Poor nutrition in the first 3 of child harms their physical and cognitive development.

It is evidenced that:

“Malnutrition has lasting consequences on children such as permanent brain damage, stunted growth and psychological malfunction”.

Food insecurity and poor nutrition are eroding the quality of life especially the worsening of health and limiting economic productivity resulting in high levels of poverty rates. Girls and women’s health is devasted by lack of access to food resulting in malnutrition and in return poor health for them and their children.

Our projects are identifying innovative ways to empower women and improve nutrition for women, children and the whole household, reducing poverty and enhancing health, and education outcomes.

Through our nutrition programmes, we are providing already raw, prepared and packed meals to poor families in deprived communities in developing countries.


RESCUEMISSION are supporting many communities in Asia, Africa and South America with life-saving nutritious foods such as therapeutic milk for babies and children and raw for food such as bags of rice, maize, millet and wheat as well as tin foods. We are supporting communities to address devastating effects of conflicts and disasters that prevent families to get food, putting whole communities especially large numbers of children at risk of malnutrition.

Build A Safe School Project

The Story of Girls’ Education Project In Haiti, Burkina Faso and Mozambique

Malnutrition is killing 1000s of children everyday and needlessly. Our “Feed a Child Project” in Liberia, Gambia, Peru and Guatemala is feeding many babies and toddlers and helping them to grow healthily and keeping well. A large number of children do not have the right food to grow up healthy and strong. Many children are malnourished and suffering from disease because of poor diet and starvation.

The Baby Milk and Fruit products and high energy peanut paste donated to communities has enabled mothers to feed their children and so they can also keep healthy and be cured from the impact of malnutrition.

Our Children Nutrition Education is helping families to feed their children healthily with fresh fruits so that children receive the micronutrients needed to prevent malnutrition and illnesses. Your donation is delivering life-saving food for poor and malnourished children, as well as support long-term, country-wide sustainable nutrition programmes for mothers and babies to prevent hunger and malnutrition for all children under five.

Food and Nutrition Education Project

The Story of Nutritional Education In Zimbabwe, Malawi, Somalia, Mozambique & Papua New Guinea

Through Community Leaders, Health Personnel and volunteers we’re providing Nutritional Education so that 52 local communities learn about the importance of nutritious diets and how to prepare these diets from available local foods.

Rescue Mission

provide food to more than 25,000 pregnant women and educate them on the important role of nutritious diet on their health and the physical development of their child.

In Zimbabwe, our volunteers are supporting 8,250 pregnant girls with food and educating them on how to prepare balanced diet, so they get the nutrients to keep them healthy. In Somalia,

Rescue Mission

volunteers are education 13,000 lactating mothers about balanced diet for mothers and children.

Our work in Malawi is focused on supporting 5,000 people living with HIV/AIDs to have access to nutritious diet to manage the side-effects of drugs and the impact of the disease. Our volunteers support communities to improve their diets so they have enough nutrients for growth and improve their immunity against diseases.

In Papua New Guinea, our staff are working with government agencies to promote nation-wide education campaign on malnutrition and how to give access to nutritious meals to young people especially girls and women. 

The Fight Hunger Project

The Story of Improved Farming in Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone and Gambia

Lack of access to food and hunger in many developing countries can be addressed through improved farming methods and support with farming equipment.

In Ghana,Rescue Missionare supporting 2,750 young farmers with skillstools and improved seeds to enable them to engage in farming activities on large scale and harvest high-yield nutritious meals to combat systemic hunger in deprived communities.

Our work in Malawi is focused on supporting 5,000 people living with HIV/AIDs to have access to nutritious diet to manage the side-effects of drugs and the impact of the disease. Our volunteers support communities to improve their diets so they have enough nutrients for growth and improve their immunity against diseases.

We are supporting 12 orphanages with 9800 children in Sierra Leone to provide nutritious food to keep the children healthy. Donations of ricemilletwheat and milk is helping 1000s of children to keep healthy.

In Gambia, the Fight Hunger Project is supporting young people with high calorie peanut paste from their peanut farms. This is improving the lives of over 1000 households

Sustainable Farming Project

The ‘Operation Feed the Hungry’ Project In Guatemala, Tanzania, Bangladeshi and Ghana

Our Sustainable Farming project is focused on providing appropriate farming tools for 5,000 local farmers and provide trainings on sustainable farming practices. We work with local agricultural personnel to train and educate farmers participating in our project on undertake sustainable farming to improve crop yields and meet nutritious food demands for communities, households and for marketing.

We are supporting entire communities in Guatemala to diversify crops but using improved varieties for high crop yields and create nutritious diets.

In Ghana and Bangladesh our project is supporting more than 2,000 farmers with farm equipment such as Tractor, Sprayer, Plough and Seeders and Planters. We train the farmers on how to use these equipment and apply new farming technologies for mechanized land preparation, seed planting and harvest on over 7,500 hectares of farmland as part of the “Operation Feed the Hungry Project”.

RESCUEMISSION Projects are helping 1,200 young farmers in Ghana to combine Cocoa farming with crop farming as providing them with high yield cocoa seeds and adopting land and tree tenure to increase both cocoa and crop farm productivity

The Agribusiness Project

Improving Business Opportunities for Farmers in Rwanda, Kenya and Seychelles Island

RESCUEMISSION are working more than 850 farmers to engage in agricultural business by providing them with access to land, equipment and funds to enable farm on large scale.

They are supported to process their farm produce and to market processed nutritious diets to other parts of country or other countries as part of the efforts to improve Food and Nutrition standards.

Our Young Farming Entrepreneurs in Rwanda are supported with access to agribusiness training, linkages with financial institutions and business development providers for formation and growth of profitable, sustainable enterprises.

Especially women-owned agribusinesses In Kenya are thriving because of commercially viable farming activities and linkages with large businesses and grocery shops who buy their products on large scale leading to financial profitability.

Public awareness agribusiness programmes, financial literacy and business management projects in Seychelles Islands is improving the lives of many young men and women.


RESCUEMISSION are engaged in several projects around the work because we believe that working together with you, we will be on a mission to change our world for good.

The Hunger Project in Liberia is supporting 2,500 pregnant women to understand safe motherhood and nutrition by creating awareness on how to nourish and look after their children in the first 1,000 Days of children’s life to prevent child and infantile mortality.

Income-generating Projects in Ghana and Senegal are supporting women with food processing machines and helping them to produce small packets of nutritious food for children and adults. The packets of food are purchased and distributed to children in the deprived communities.

Nurseries and Kindergarten Nutritional Education in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cambodia is building the knowledge and capacity of teachers and nursery nurses to support mothers to give their children nutritious diet. We are providing nutritious meals at the nurseries and health centres to ensure that all children have access to a full nutritious meal every day they attend nursery or kindergarten

Your donations are making significant impact. We need your continual support and involvement to provide food and nutrition to children, pregnant women and girls. Let’s do it today because tomorrow may be too late.