Feed A Child

Feed A Child, A Family & Our World

Many children who live in poor communities in our world, go hungry every day and often suffer long-lasting damage to their bodies and minds which renders them vulnerable to infection, disease and death because they don’t get the nutrition they need. Hungry mothers are unable to breastfeed their children because they are themselves malnourished due poverty, lack of food or unaffordable food prices.

No one should live in hunger because there is enough food in the world to go round for every person and to spare, if people will be willing to share and support the poor. RESCUEMISSION’s “Feed A Child, A Family and Feed Our World” programmes reach millions of children and women every year. Many of the children are orphaned and others live in abject poverty.

The aim of our Feed the Poor and Hungry Project involves both, short-term and long-term interventions. Providing meals and food packs help relief the immediate hunger emergencies in the world, but ultimately, it’s our goal to achieve long-tern sustainable food provision where communities will be supported with faming strategies to become self-dependent and reduce the dependency of on food aids.

Feed A Child, A Family & Our World

One person, often a child, dies of starvation every 3.6 seconds needlessly. Rescue Mission’s are committed to ending deaths from hunger because with your support, we can do it. The people in these countries are victims through no fault of their own, but often because of natural disasters, famine, war, drought, displacement, or lack of healthcare. In the world of plenty, no one should have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from.

Support Sustainable Farming

RESCUEMISSION’s teams are providing communities with essential gardening and farming skills so communities can produce food all year round. We’re advocating new methods of farming and predicting food crises so governments of poor countries can take action

sooner to prevent hunger.

RESCUEMISSION’s Feed the Child Project is improving the lives of children and women in over 100 countries by supplying more than 500 women with farming equipment, improved seeds and training on growing a variety of crops for better yields and having buyers for the crop produce in the local markets. This is resulting in sufficient for children and their families and achieving long-term health and economic for many women.

Support Sustainable Farming

If you give a monthly donation…

A regular gift from you could help change the lives of a women and girls

Donate £15 a month to help train a women’s collection to champion women’s rights in their communities

Donate £10 a month Donate £10 a month to give a girl safe place to sleep when her home is too dangerous

Donate £3 a month Donate £3 a month to help provide hygiene kits so girls can manage their periods safely