Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


RESCUEMISSION are working to change outdated practices which have seen women to be dependent on men for their daily needs for centuries. Still in many communities, women are abandoned to household chores and they are unpaid or rewarded for their work. This situation means that women are naturally poorer than men. Existing research indicates that when women are supporting to pursue entrepreneurship, families, communities and societies thrive. Your support and assistance will RESCUEMISSION have made an audacious promise to supporting women in the UK and in disadvantaged communities in developing countries to start, improve and run existing businesses successfully. We have set a target of helping 500,000+ women businesses to start and run successfully by the end of 2025 and thereby improve communities

RESCUEMISSION is supporting some of the world’s poorest people to work their own way out of poverty by providing training in business start-ups and provide them with microcredit and microloans. Many women are building successful businesses to gaining independence and financial resilience due to the support and assistance provided by RESCUE MISSION staff.


RESCUEMISSION adopt a range of approaches to support vulnerable women and most deprived communities to start entrepreneurship projects to ensure that we maximize better outcomes for these women. We work with a strong network of successful women entrepreneurs and dedicated and passionate partners, supporters and local staff, to provide complete training to support women to start off small businesses well. 

RESCUEMISSION programmes create spaces where discussions on various socio-cultural and political issues are held that affect women entrepreneurship. The women are made aware of their rights and they explore ways to resist the obstacles to their rights and entitlements and how to build solidarity within the community to promote their businesses and create wealth to support families.
We are working with governments and activists to implement fresh legal frameworks to uphold female equality in the workplace, at home and globally. 

RESCUEMISSION are providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, respectable employment, and a voice in the global and national political and economic decision-making processes to enable them pursue entrepreneurship projects.

Entrepreneurship Seminars


RESCUEMISSION are working with our partners and supporters to provide the poorest women in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Southern America and the Pacific Island with the tools and skills through a range of seminars and training sessions to enable them to work their own way out of poverty by profitable starting business ventures. These women struggle to feed their families, provide accommodation, send their children to school or afford even the most basic elements of healthcare. The women endure a constant pain of looking on while their children suffer and even die at young age. The women and their children have a daily battle for survival. In the poorest communities in the world, many women believe that they do not have the skills to start a business compared with men. The Entrepreneurship Seminars help these women to develop the skills they need to start or grow their own businesses.

Providing Microfinance

Financing a business appropriately is crucial to its success. It is not just enough to train women how to build a business but it is crucially important to provide them with funds to start and sustain the business. RESCUEMISSION offer a wide range of finance to help women to start and grow their own businesses. The microfinance and the training in financial management helps women to manage their finances and create sustainable enterprises that will help them generate an income and provide for their families and contribute to community development. Microfinance and training in business development and financial management helps the women to become self-sufficient for their daily needs. Overtime the money they earn helps to provide food security, better housing, access to healthcare, and an education for their children. The women are empowered to resist aggression and violence.

The women are informed on the benefits of saving and encourage to make modest savings, which provide insurance against future crop failure, family illness and other unexpected situations. Consequently, women are able to build adaptive capacity against eventualities and are able to withstand periods of low productivity.

RESCUEMISSION are working to ensure parity and prosperity for women entrepreneurs in poor communities by soliciting the support of the national and local governments in the countries where we operate. Gaining political support in addition to working together with the public and private sectors helps to remove the barriers the success of women entrepreneurship. By working with governments and politicians through a series of conversation about supporting and empowering Women in politics, leadership and economic liberty RESCUE MISSION have sought to identify effective tools, tactics and resources needed to empower women to overcome the obstacles preventing them from gaining financial and political equity and equality. Your support is helping many women to achieve economic independence.

RESCUEMISSION are focused on working with local organisations and politicians to remove obstacles to the political participation of women listed by the participants to the conversation were the lack of public/social support and political party support, entrenched traditional views, lack of confidence, lack of financial means, lack of capacity building opportunities, lack of access to technology, gender discrimination, division according to ethnic lines, violence, and intimidation.


By supporting and empowering women to provide for themselves, RESCUEMISSION are having a lasting impact on the lives of women, children and families in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Southern America and the Pacific Islands. Since 2016, we have provided over 100,000 women with microfinance, business loans and training to start their own businesses. The money they generate from their businesses has helped to provide food, clothes and improved housing, access to healthcare, and an education for their children. As a result, these women have supported an estimated 500,000 children and provided the opportunity of a better future for their children. Currently, 99% of our loans and microfinance are being repaid in full. As a result, we’re able to use the money again and again to help more and more women to become self-sustaining. Our vision is to support women and young girls who are living in poverty to have the opportunity to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities.

RESCUEMISSION are unwaveringly focused in eliminating barriers that hinder women from achieving economic emancipation and financial prosperity.

Your donations are making major impact in making a difference in the lives of women from the poorest communities of the world.

Let’s to do it today because tomorrow may be too late.

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