Women Empowerment

Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


The continual violence and discrimination against women and girls every part of the world completely demeans human dignity. Respecting and recognizing women and girls as equal partners with men is not is not only a major human right, but a necessary foundation for human civility, global peace and a pathway to prosperity and balanced world.

Depriving of women’s and girls’ of their human rights is a grievous injustice and a damning cause of poverty globally. That’s why we are focused on promoting the rights of women and girls especially in countries with worse record of discrimination and violence against women and girls.

The current levels of physical, sexual and domestic violence against women and girls is despicable and MUST STOP!

RESCUEMISSION need your support to provide women and girls with equal access to education, health care, respectable employment, and a voice in the global and national political and economic decision-making processes.

We are working with governments and activists to implement fresh legal frameworks to uphold female equality in the workplace, at home and globally.

RESCUEMISSION are unwaveringly focused in eliminating harmful practices targeted at women by ending the gender-based discrimination prevailing in many countries around the world.


RESCUEMISSION have established Women and Girl’s Empowerment Project works to give voice to women and girls to work towards gender equality with regards to access to education, healthcare and employment as well as recognition as equal partners to men at home, in the community and in the political spheres.
Our country representatives and activists are working for justice for women against governments and groups who use mass rape as a weapon in war.

Stop Violence Against Women Project

The Story of Women and Girls’ Protection In India, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana & Bangladeshi

Shamefully, our World is still rife with all forms of violence and discrimination against children, women and girls in the 21st Century. Oddly, the once known civilized societies such as United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, The USA and others are ‘infected’ with vicious practices such as Acid Attacks, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child marriage and Rape and Assaults against women and girls.

Rescue Mission

are working national governments and Activists to end violence against hundred of thousands of women and girls across the world – by Eliminating Domestic Violence, Preventing HIV/AIDS infections, Stopping Rape and Sexual Assaults and Counteracting all forms of sexual exploitation and child marriage.

Rescue Mission

are working with targeted communities in 28 countries to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls and create a framework for promoting the human rights of women and girls.

With your help and support, we can lobby and advocate for the rights of women and challenge outdated practices that promote violence against women and girls by challenging governments to take actions.

Women Empowerment Project

The Story of Tackling Inequality and Injustice in Cambodia, Haiti, Pakistan, Niger, Chad & Ghana

RESCUEMISSION are working with Activists to lobby national and local governments in Cambodia using Films and Drama to stop domestic and sexual violence and aggression against Girls and Women. We are lobbying governments around the world to ensure consistency in applying civil and criminal law against perpetrators of violence against women and girls, even against Ministers of State and Influential people.

Our Women Empowerment Education Team (WEET) are using home-to-home and community education strategies to educate communities about domestic violence and its impact on women and creating awareness about domestic violence laws.

Rescue Mission

Girls Assertive Project (GAP) is focused on empowering young girls to be assertive and challenge any attempt by men or other women to abuse them sexually and physical. There are support groups to support girls who feel threatened, intimated and having their voices shut down.

We are holding discussions over Local and National Radio and TV stations to education whole populations about any acts that promote inequality against women and girls and the consequences.

The Women and Girls’ Freedom Project

The Story of Women and Young Girls’ Education and Employment in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Swaziland and India

In this era, everyone including women and girls are entitled to Education and Economic rights.

RESCUEMISSION are working to ensure that all women and girls have equal access to education, work, pay and wages and adequate home environment without violence.

In Ethiopia, Tanzania and Swaziland, we are establishing new schools and working with teachers in existing schools to create atmospheres that are conducive for women and girls to achieve skills, qualifications and certificates that enhance their chances for better employment.

In India, Gabon and Gambia,

RESCUEMISSION  gender discrimination that puts women in continuous unsecured and low-paid jobs by lobbying and challenging employers to establish equal pay and salary levels for men and women.

Our “Women and Girls’ Freedom Project” in focused on changing cultures and traditions in countries such as South Sudan, Mali, Chad, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic and Liberia where outdated cultures and traditions and war and disasters prevent girls from going to schools and taking on paid jobs.

Other projects to address gender inequality

RESCUEMISSION have joined forces with international agencies in the global fight against modern slavery. We are using intelligence to spot and interrupt the work of hideous crimes of gangs and human trafficking networks.

Through our Centres in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are supporting survivors of human trafficking and slavery and restoring their freedom and enabling to restart life. We are preventing more victims by relying on local intelligence and use of data and technology to pursue traffickers wherever they operate.

RESCUEMISSION are training more than 100,000 individuals to stop trafficking by identifying the signs of people caught up in slavery and understanding the appropriate reporting structures in our efforts to end commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide.

Your support in petitioning your local MPs and your donations are making major impact in breaking criminal networks and rescuing hundreds of thousands of women and girls from human trafficking, domestic and sex slavery that involves the drug trafficking.

Let’s to do it today because tomorrow may be too late.