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Change a child’s life when
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Could pay for a girl’s education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl’s education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Many communities around the world are living in poverty with billions of women and children especially girls with no access to right food to grow up healthy and strong and clean water to stay nourished and fit.
As a result of malnutrition, one in five children die every minute. Hundreds of Millions of children are unhealthy because their bodies and brains haven’t developed the way they should due to malnutrition and associated illnesses.

RESCUEMISSION are declaring War on Malnutrition, Disease and poverty in general. We need to act now to help these women and their children. We need you to join the fight and help us win

We want to tackle malnutrition, hunger and disease starting in countries with the highest child and maternity mortality rates in the world, such as Liberia, Yemen, Haiti, Afghanistan, Mali, Niger, Chad, Somalia and parts of the World.
Join us, Let’s Do it and make a change forever.


By donating to RESCUEMISSION, you could help us keep a girl-child like Ayesha safe and change her life forever. Ayesha’s life is on hold and she lives in constant danger.

Ayesha is a Yemen refugee like about two million people and 800,000 other children, her life has been devasted by war and together with other civilians and many family members her life is still in danger in Yemen. Like many refugees, Ayesha has no access to food, water and other basic needs.

But your donation could give hope and safety for a girl like Ayesha. You could help keep Ayesha and other children safe from violence and abuse. You could support her to have food, clean water and clothes to keep her safe, healthy and warm. In the refuge camps, we are proving children access to recreation and education by setting up temporary schools. You could help change the lives of many children like Ayesha.


RESCUEMISSION is working directly with vulnerable people in poorest communities where the need is greatest, delivering vital aid to children and women. We work in over 100 countries with, and governments, communities and families to address the root causes, as well as the symptoms, of poverty, hunger, violence and abuse that directly affecting women and children. We are focused on delivering short-term as well as long-term aid that creates lasting change for women and children in worse affected conditions.

Our RESOLVE IS RESOLUTE and we won’t give up until we get every woman and child out of poverty, hunger, violence and abuse and into safety and on track to achieve a brighter future they deserve. Please donate today.

Be reminded that no donation is too small. The donation you make today could change a child’s life forever. Whether you decide to set up monthly donations or make a one-off gift, you can be rest assured that your donations to RESCUEMISSION today will be used to provide food, clean water, clothes, education and healthcare to children and women to keep them safe.



RESCUEMISSION are not-for-profit international development and aid agency to reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their background or culture.

Through our global network of sponsors, we campaign for global justice and provide practical support for empowerment of the less fortunate, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life.

We are focused on women and children because they suffer several forms of aggression and violence and are often denied access to food, clean water, clothes and basic necessities of life. We seek to empower women and protect children from abuse and neglect.

  • We equip women with resources and equipment to engage in income-generation activities so they are self-dependent
  • We protect children from harm by providing them with the right food, clean water and clothes for warm as well as providing them access to education and healthcare
  • We advocate and lobby governments to address and abolish outdated practices such as FGM, Child Marriage, Gender inequalities to ensure that we create prospects for better future for women and children.

Giving Account for Your Donations

For every £1p we spend

78p on charitable activities such as attending to emergencies and undertaking humanitarian development work.

8p on fundraising events

9p on service support costs

5p on campaign events and lobbying governments

We produce annual reports which are shared with our donors and sponsors. It is important that we keep all our donors informed so they can be rest assured that their monies and other donations are going into good causes they like to pursue. You may read our supporters’ promise to ensure that you are informed about donations and to keep your mind at peace click here


RESCUEMISSION rely solely on voluntary contributions to fund our crucial projects to protect women and children in danger, transforming their lives by giving women and children better prospects and building a safer world for tomorrow.

Regular Donations

You could set up a regular donation to RESCUEMISSION to become a lifelong partner and part of that long-term work to empower women and keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe. For example, by donating £15 each month, you could be help a malnourished child to recuperate and survive hunger and disease.

Your donations could help RESCUEMISSION a volunteer nurse or doctor to train a local community health care staff; a midwife to deliver babies safely, giving both mother and child the best start as well as equip health workers with vaccines and medicines help prevent diseases like measles, polio and whooping cough. This means that women and children in even the most remote and deprived communities can be safe from diseases.

Your monthly donation…

Will help make positive impacts on children, women and girls

Donate £15 a month to help promote young women’s rights in their community.

Donate £10 a month to sponsor young girls who have dropped out of school and give them hope.

Donate £5 a month to rescue 1000s of young from early marriages.

One-off Donations

You could a single donation of any size amount or choose to donate £58 to buy a ventilator for a child, £118 to support a doctor to undertake the most deliver operations in remote place or any amount to give better prospects to women and children.

Other Ways You Can Donate

You may donate in one of these way by setting up a Direct Debit or give a single donation.

Other ways to support our work

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Remembering VSO in your Will

Remembering VSO in your will your gift could mean a poorly baby is able to go home healthy with his mother. Or a child becomes a doctor thanks to the great education they received.

Payroll giving

By donating an hour’s salary, you will help some of the most disadvantaged communities communities in the poorest countries work their way out of poverty.

Give as you live

Did you know you can raise money for VSO whilst you shop online without it costing you a penny? Simply sign up to give as you live and shop with any participating store.

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Our promise to you

Thank you

Your donations allow us to recruit, train and send expert volunteers to transform the lives of people in the world’s poorest communities. Every year, supporters like you bring better education, healthcare, jobs and rights to millions across Africa, Asia and the pacific. It’s important you feel completely confident in supporting VSO, and that’s why we promise to respect your personal preferences.