RESCUEMISSION are focused on protecting every child from violence, exploitation and all forms of abuse, including commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour, female genital mutilation and child marriage.

Our Children’s Right and Protection programmes are mainly centred on children who are exceptionally vulnerable to abuses and exploitations, particularly children with no parental care, those caught up in conflict, with the law and in armed conflict.

Millions of children have their rights and protection taken away from them in almost all countries of the world. As a result, many children have no rights, protection and access to food, medicine, clothes, education, care and affection.

Globally, several millions of children are still suffering from different kind of illnesses mainly as a result of their age, poverty and obsolete traditional practices.

RESCUEMISSION are focused on providing support and implementing programmes that will help save many children from disease, molestation and needless deaths.

With support and donations, our volunteers and Activists are working local organisations and governments to implement legislation to punished crime perpetrated against children. We are also tracking down on child trafficking, child labour and child marriage and rescuing hundreds of thousands of children from child slave masters, abusive families and exploiters.


The Global Report on Child Abuse 2018 reveals that violence against children is still high. Child right and protection abuse are variable on each continent. The most recent data available highlights that:


RESCUEMISSION are working to keep hundreds of thousands of children safe across the 7 continents in the World: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. We’re implemented several children’s right and protection programmes to rescue children who are in conflict, being trafficked, exploited or neglected and abuse across the world. It is a shame that the human race cannot protect their little ones as animals do and we seek to end all assaults, abuse and slavery against children.

“Give the Girl-Child, A Life Project”

The Stories of Children in Niger, Chad, Mali,

South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Bangladesh

The project is focused on creating awareness of the terrible consequences of child marriage on children especially girls in 10 worst countries where 70-80% of girls are given in marriage before they are 15 years. Forced girl-child marriage has enormous consequences on girls such as emotional stress for marrying someone 4 times their age, neglect and abuse from husbands and in-laws; unwanted pregnancy and even death during delivery. Millions of girls have had their schooling ended and lost the chance of building a brighter future of where they can choose the person they like to be married and have an employment to end women’s poverty. With your giving and support, we’re changing the outdated cultural practices of child marriage, and creating better livelihood and future opportunities for girls through advocacy, community education and legal actions.

“Hear the Cries of Children Project”

The Stories of Children Rescued from Trafficking in

The UK, Vietnam, Albania, Sudan and Cambodia

Disturbingly, UK has become the destination for many children who are trafficked from many countries such Vietnam, Albania, Romania, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, and Ethiopia. Children especially girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation, domestic slavery, forced marriage, gang crimes, forced labour on cannabis farms and drugs selling.

Thousands of trafficked and enslaved children are crying for help but no one seems to be listening. Our “Hear the Cries of Children Project” is a community-based programme where our volunteers and frontline staff are working with target communities, associate local organizations, civil society, and national governments to protect children by advocating for harsh laws to punish perpetrators.

Attached sponsored staff to entry and exits of our borders to interview children suspected of being trafficked.

RESCUEMISSION supporting many families by raising awareness so that they can understand the dangers that their children are expose when they fail to create a thriving atmosphere at home. Families are support to undertake a farming, trade or employment so that they can get money and resources needed to look after children in order to avoid having their children to work or give them out in slavery and trafficking.

“The Sponsor A Child Project”

The Stories of “Child Sponsorship” Project In

Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh & South Sudan

RESCUEMISSION have implemented “Sponsor A Child” project to help end poverty, protect them from exploitations and give them a better future full of aspirations and opportunity.

We encourage everyone to choose a child of their preference who are living in abject poverty and with slim chances of completing education and securing better jobs from 28 different countries. Sponsors have the chance to make a monthly financial support, write letters of encouragement, send post cards or clothes and supply food to invest directly in the lives of children living in extreme poverty.

Our sponsors and donors are changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and protecting them from vulnerable families, unscrupulous people and dangerous criminals by keeping the children in:

  • Youth centres for ongoing recreational and social activities
  • Educational opportunities to promote literacy, numeracy and improve their life chances.
  • Key life skills and vocational programmes such for employability skills for a brighter future.
  • Healthcare especially girls to prevent and fight disease and sickness to develop their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Vaccination of children and provide essential supplements to protect against malnutrition.

Child Development Programmes

The Stories of “Child Development” Project In

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, South Africa & Niger

RESCUEMISSION have implemented several child and youth development programmes in 22 different countries. The child and youth development programmes compliments children’s education in the formal school settings. The programmes engage children in community projects that give children a voice, inspire and empower then to take up leadership roles in changing outdated cultures and activities that harm children and their future.

Our sponsors and donors are helping us to sponsor the education of thousands of children from nursery to secondary school and college or university level. Many of the sponsored children who are now grown up are championing the cause to protect children.

Our children and youth programmes are helping many children and youth to undertake vocational training, traineeship and apprenticeships, where they earn wages while training as mechanics, hairdressers, electricians, and secretaries, receptionist and business administration assistants.

Other children especially survivors of slavery and trafficking are provided with business and entrepreneurship skills by supporting them to business start-ups, and computer skills to help them live independently.


RESCUEMISSION are not-for-profit international development and aid agency to reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their background or culture. We campaign for global justice and provide practical support for empowerment of the less fortunate, so that every person especially women and children can live a full and dignified life.

RESCUEMISSION is a non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. Our EIN is 81-4325149 and our IRS confirmation letter can be downloaded from our website. To learn more about Rescue Mission’s programmes , visit

If you give a monthly donation…

A regular gift from you could help change the lives of a women and girls

Donate £15 a month to help train a women’s collection to champion women’s rights in their communities

Donate £10 a month Donate £10 a month to give a girl safe place to sleep when her home is too dangerous

Donate £3 a month Donate £3 a month to help provide hygiene kits so girls can manage their periods safely