About Us

Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.


Could help feed 5 girls with nutritional meals so they can continue with their education.
Could pay for a girl's education up to the high school level for up to a year.

RESCUEMISSION are not-for-profit international development and aid agency to reach out to people living in poverty and depravity with practical help, whatever their background or culture. We work with sponsors, supporters and donors as well as individuals, organizations, national and local governments – in almost 100 countries – to provide international development solutions to some of the world’s most complex human, social and economic challenges.

Our experience since 2003 has shown that by bringing together local people and empowering and equipping them with skills and resources, they can improve their health, education, water and thereby protecting themselves from exploitation and gaining a source of income protection to build brighter futures for themselves and their community.

RESCUEMISSION understand that corruption is major impediment towards good governance and equal distribution of wealth at gross-root level and in depraved communities to improve living standard of less privileged people. However, we realized that with genuine efforts, strong commitment and political will, the cherished goal of transforming the lives of disadvantaged people will be a reality.

RESCUEMISSION adopt a unique community-empowerment model and integrated approach based on the concept that “when we teach a community to fish for themselves, they will become self-dependent but if we give them a fish and they will be hungry tomorrow and continue to be dependent on others”. Our approach is already transferring communities, through our emergency, long-term development or by local, national or international skills and value development projects.


RESCUEMISSION vision have to create a fairer world by providing better opportunities for everyone by addressing marginalization, exploitation and poverty through volunteering that implements local and national projects that address outdated cultures, eliminate corruption, implement systems for skills and value development for lasting solutions. We seek to empower women and young-girls to be self-dependent and contribute to building resilient communities


RESCUEMISSION works partnership with donors, supporters, philanthropist, local and national government with mission to working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation and seek justice by empowering the disadvantaged to transform their communities; increase economic opportunity and achieve self-dependence. We seek to stop child marriage, hunger, sicknesses, abuse, slavery and trafficking



undertake transparent partnership with individuals, organizations, donors and governments, we work to empower poor and marginalized people to take charge of their own development by supporting them to develop skill RESCUEMISSIONS  acquire knowledge and promote value to create long lasting, sustainable change in their lives and communities. We believe people’s lives can be transformed when we work together. That’s why partnerships lie at the heart of all the positive transformation that we create. We work with several organisations and individuals for programme development and delivery, advocacy and fundraising.


RESCUEMISSIONS draw on insights and local knowledge to guide our project activities by working with targeted communities and setting the standard for ourselves and others to have better outcomes and the greatest impact for the vulnerable and better future for young ones especially. We conduct undertake reconnaissance surveys and research to understand the need in each community and share skills and knowledge to create long lasting, sustainable change. We review national and local researches to gain insight into communities where the need is greatest. The communities become our focus


RESCUEMISSIONS advocate for the less privileged and empower them to have access to livelihood opportunities and become self-dependent. We are empowering women in those communities through education and training project. The project provides livelihoods for marginalised communities through group projects such as palm oil production, farming, trading and further education for young women. Many women who have little for look after their family are now able to feed, clothe and provide daily needs of the children and able to support their children’s education.


RESCUEMISSIONS is committed to be transparent and accountable in all our activities and adopt a zero-tolerance in all our dealings to safeguard the people and communities that we work with from abuse and harm. We share information the general public in the UK and in countries where we operate including the people living in poverty, partner organisations and government offices. We feel accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donorsand host governments. We will voluntarily publish information, and on request will disclose information, or give reasons for any decision not to disclose in line with our data protection policy.


RESCUEMISSIONS is committed to going to every part of the world where the need is greatest because we promote equal opportunities for all. While affluence continues to increase in the West and the world becomes more connected through technology, we’re still seeing many groups of people in other parts of the pushed to the margins and their vulnerability increases. Many poor people still have to find the means of coping with the negative impacts of climate change, other forms of environmental deprivation, and limited access to a decent livelihood, quality education and the healthcare they deserve.